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The Internet Commons Forum took place during the UN Internet Governance Forum, on Tuesday, 7th December 2021.

For further information regarding online participation, click here.

The Internet Commons Forum (ICF) is jointly organised by FGV, ISOC, APC, Centrum Cyfrowe and Free2Air. The ICF aims at gathering thinkers and doers that are developing ideas and solutions for a less concentrated and more just Internet.

The structures of the Internet affect us more deeply than ever before, reaching out to all aspects of our lives, from our societies and cultures to our finances and politics – to our very individual human behaviours and identities. This event will explore different views of Internet Commons exploring strategies for a less concentrated Internet.

The ICF will feature well-respected thinkers and doers exposing their ideas and innovative approaches to digital commons, with regard to the development of Internet access infrastructure, digital platforms, digital policies and data. This workshop will ami at fostering a collaborative discussion with the participants in order to identify concrete actions and strategies for collaboration and implementation of digital commons.

< Sessions&KeynoteSpeakers >

Luca Belli, FGV Direito Rio, cyberBRICS

{ Opening remarks }

// Luca Belli, FGV/CyberBRICS and Adam Burns, Free2Air

{ Segment One: Evolving Conceptions Of Digital Commons}

/* Led by Luca Belli, FGV, and Adam Burns, Free2Air

Photo of Yu Ping

// Yu Ping, Office of the UN Secretary-General's Envoy on Technology

// Rebecca MacKinnon, Wikimedia Foundation

// Renata Avila, Open Knowledge Foundation

Alek Tarkowski, Centrum Cyfrowe

// Alek Tarkowski, Open Future

{ Segment Two: Digital Commons and Digital Public Goods}

/* Led by Jane Coffin, ISOC and Alek Tarkowski, Centrum Cyfrowe

// Lucy Harris, UNICEF / Digital Public Good Alliance

Photo of Osama Manzar

// Osama Manzar, Digital Empowerment Foundation

// Denis "Jaromil" Roio, Dyne.org

{ Final remarks }

Anriette Esterhuysen, APC/IGF MAG Chair

// Anriette Esterhuysen, Chair of IGF MAG

{ Wrap-ups and takeaways }

Luca Belli, FGV Direito Rio, cyberBRICS

// Luca Belli, CTS-FGV/CyberBRICS and Adam Burns, Free2Air

The Internet Commons Forum (ICF) is jointly organised by FGV, ISOC, APC and Centrum Cyfrowe.

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